Women Rising Radio: Women Telling the Truth & Changing the World

Nearly two decades into the 21st Century, women still are often Hidden Figures. Even when we’re in visible power positions, it seems we’re expected to be low key. We’ve seen it recently in Congress. Women who question, assert themselves, or persist being called out and down. In professional medical conferences, women are less likely than men to be introduced as Dr.  And in this toxic political and social climate, we’re even the subject of outright vehemence and name calling. Consequently, it’s imperative to shine the light on women’s vision and courage. In the words of the worldwide Women’s March, to fight back!

That’s the purpose of Women Rising Radio. Award-winning documentary filmmaker and WRR producer Lynn Feinerman’s mission is elevating women’s voices and vision, showcasing their courage and the ways they’re transforming the world. From the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, to Colombia, Africa, the Middle East and India, WRR profiles women leading change and taking enormous risks for peace, ecology, civil society and women’s, children’s and human rights.

“A big motivation for doing the show is meeting women who have these incredible ideas and they’re actually making it happen,” said Feinerman. “They’re living their dreams. That’s really remarkable given all the obstacles placed before us as women, as human beings. And their dreams are uncommonly visionary, truly helpful for the planet.”

Through WRR, Feinerman and her team hope to ignite the spark in others to achieve big humanitarian dreams.

“There are a lot of women and men who are courageous when they’re young. We hope that women who have the guts but have lost direction will hear our programming—and go, ah, that’s who I was, that’s who I am! It’s role modeling, especially for women and girls. I tell women’s stories in order to motivate more women to do it.”

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