It can be tough to stand up for humanitarian values, to engage in truth-telling, defending the vulnerable, demanding institutional integrity, and promoting systems and policies that improve people’s lives and honor the human condition. The humanitarians featured here share their energy, ideas, challenges, goals and inspiration, and they inspire.

Meet These Humanitarians

Meet the Guy Corralling Billionaires to Fight Inequality
In an interview with Yes! Magazine publisher Fran Korten, author Chuck Collins discusses growing up in the 1 percent, his unusual approach to fighting economic inequality, and what progressives need to do.

12 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2017
by Tracy Wolf and Claire Markham

The 2016 elections drew immense attention to religious identities, values and hateful rhetoric. These leaders aim to mend the rifts and uplift all.

Women Rising Radio. Celebrating Courage, Truth-Telling & Changing the World

In an interview with U.S. Social Conscience Publisher Christina Leimer, Lynn Feinerman, award-winning filmmaker, media activist and Women Rising Radio Producer talks about her commitment to activism, WRR and the amazing women she features from around the world who take enormous risks for peace, ecology, civil society, human, women’s and children’s rights. Feinerman and her team hope to ignite the spark in others to achieve big humanitarian dreams.


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Other Sites for Humanitarian Inspiration

Humankind: Voices of Hope and Humanity
Aired on National Public Radio, the brief profiles on this site  feature people whose social conscience drives them to oppose injustice, reduce inequality, promote peace and inspire hope.
David Freudberg, Producer

Women Rising Radio
Women Rising Radio profiles women around the world leading for peace, ecology, civil society and women’s, children’s and human rights.
Lynn Feinerman, Creator and Producer