The Slippery Slope of the Oligarchy Media Model
by Rodney Benson and Victor Pickard
What happens to American institutions and democracy when news outlets increasingly rely on private capital and billionaires’ largess?

Why Poverty Is Not a Personal Choice, But a Reflection of Society
by Shervin Assari
How cultural beliefs and social structures influence poverty and our attitudes toward the poor and the social safety net.

Are We Having the Right Discussion About Inequality?
by Kevin Leicht
Given the nature and extent of economic inequality in the United States today, scholars and policymakers should address it directly rather than emphasize its social and educational dimensions.

The Power of Ordinary People Facing Totalitarianism
by Kathleen B. Jones
Hannah Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism” discusses the rise of the totalitarian movements of Nazism and Stalinism to power in the 20th century. Jones says the book is relevant to our current political climate, offering signals to which we should be alert in order to act.

Why Taking Down Confederate Memorials is Only a First Step
by Joshua F.J. Inwood and Derek H. Alderman
Challenging Confederate symbols that legitimize white supremacy is the right thing to do because of the historical legacies of racism they represent, but it’s only a first step.